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Jared Keown's Webpage

      Welcome to my webpage! I am an undergraduate physics major
      at the University of Louisville. My area of concentration is Astronomy
      and Astrophysics. I research the dense gas and dust cores that serve
      as the birthplace of stars. See my CV


      Department of Physics and Astronomy
      102 Natural Science Building
      University of Louisville
      Louisville, KY 40292
      e-mail:  jakeow01 'at'

Me at the Green Bank Telescope in
West Virginia. With its 100m collecting dish,
it's the world's largest movable object on land!

Senior Honors Thesis at UofL (current)
      -   Simple summary of my research
      -   View the thesis webpage which contains videos and other electronic material
      -   UofL Department of Physics & Astronomy website
National Radio Astronomy Observatory NSF REU (summer 2013)
      -   View my end-of-summer presentation
      -   NRAO REU program website
High Energy Physics Group at UofL (2012-2013)
      -   Check out the group website
Bucknell University NSF REU (summer 2012)
      -   View my project poster
      -   Bucknell REU program website

223rd AAS Meeting

I presented a poster at the Winter American Astronomical Society meeting on January 7th
in National Harbor, Maryland. To view the abstract visit my AAS Extras page.
See the poster as a PDF file here.


I was an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at UofL for the PHYS 108
Elementary Astronomy Lab during the Fall 2013 semester. The course is an
exploration lab that introduces students to some of the fundamental concepts in Astronomy.
Visit the course website and try some of the labs for yourself.

For the Spring 2014 semester at UofL, I will be teaching the PHYS 223
Fundamentals of Physics Lab 1. This course involves entry level experiments
in mechanics, heat and sound.

Completed Physics, Astronomy and Math Courses

PHYS 107 & 108      Elementary Astronomy (with lab)
PHYS 298 & 295      Introductory Mechanics, Heat and Sound (with lab)
PHYS 299 & 296      Introductory Electricity, Magnetism and Light (with lab)
PHYS 300 & 301      Introductory Modern Physics (with lab)
PHYS 307                 Introductory Stellar Astrophysics
PHYS 308                 Observational Astronomy
PHYS 350                 Differential Equations for the Physical Sciences
MATH 205                Calculus 1
MATH 206                Calculus 2
MATH 301                Calculus 3
PHYS 355                 Optics
PHYS 430                 Practicum in Physics Education
PHYS 450                 Introductory Mathematical Physics
PHYS 460                 Mechanics 1
PHYS 541                 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 555                 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 590                 Astrophysics
PHYS 650                 Research Methods in Physics and Astronomy

In Progress Physics, Astronomy and Math Courses

PHYS 351                 Atomic and Nuclear Physics Laboratory

PHYS 430                 Practicum in Physics Education
PHYS 497                 Senior Honors Thesis in Physics
PHYS 530                 Thermal Physics

Research Interests

Galactic Star Formation and Evolution
      -   Dense Core Infall Speeds
      -   Filamentary Accretion Flows
      -   Cluster Formation
Galaxy Formation and Evolution
High Energy Particle Physics

Computer Skills

Proficient with Python
Working knowledge of Linux & Unix operating systems, Grace plotting tool, Latex, and DS9
Some experience with C++, ImageJ, HTML, Sage, and Matlab

Society of Physics Students

UofL Chapter Sergeant at Arms (2013-2014)
UofL Chapter Secretary (2012-2013)
National Member (2011-2014)
Check out the UofL SPS website


My ADS page
Pictures from my summer at the NRAO